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Our specialty is divorce settlement analysis that aims to provide equitable and successful wealth distribution

As a result of divorce, you are often required to make big decisions that can have long-term consequences. We help clients gain clarity over many decisions and from there, alert them of possible pitfalls.  We examine and analyze the financial repercussions of your divorce, providing you and your legal counsel with the recommendations to help strengthen your case and determine the short-term and long-term financial impact of dissolution. We help structure divorce settlements.

We work closely with your attorney to make sure all recommendations are made based on the legal framework.

We consult you on the most effective and equitable way to divide assets and structure divorce settlement considering how to optimize cash flow, maximize your assets and minimize tax impact to provide better outcomes in the future.

It is very rewarding to see how financial planning can impact your life and work towards your dreams with financial confidence. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing eyes lit up with hope, joy and confidence.

divorce planning


One of the biggest risks to your savings is inflation. In order to retire confidently and accumulate sufficient assets you need to invest your savings to produce risk-adjusted investment returns.

We develop an investment plan consistent with your goals, income needs, time frame and tolerance for risk by optimizing investment returns.

Concentrated Stock

We help you manage risk you can afford in one stock and what is the optimal amount of single stock exposure you should have.  


We help you manage risk and find a balance between risk and reward in your stock options, RSU and ESPP plans by analyzing vesting schedule, current assets composition, and your risk preferences; taking into account stock price and growth expectations. 

investment maagement
Quality Time


Tax planning enhances your wealth by allowing you to keep more of what you make. As part of our due diligence process we review your tax returns and conduct a tax planning meeting during the year to suggest tax optimization and tax savings techniques based on current tax laws.


Estate Planning

You have been working very hard to build your nest egg and secure your retirement. Now we need to take a step to ensure your legacy continues to the next generation and beyond. We review your estate plan or help you develop one that reflects your legacy goals and ensures your assets to be passed to the next generation with less effort and taxes. We focus on asset titling and  beneficiary designations to ensure your asset goes to its intended heirs.

Tax planning


As life expectancy increases each year you are facing spending longer time in retirement and as a result, require larger capital to sustain your lifestyle.  Social security only can cover one third of your income needs in retirement.  One of the main questions you need to find out is how much you need in investable assets and real estate holdings to generate enough income to support your lifestyle in longer than ever retirement.


We strive to provide you with strategies to help you invest for retirement taking into account various market conditions.

College Planning 

College planning can be the largest expense you face. Without proper preparation these expenses can derail your retirement and other important goals. We help you  choose appropriate college funding options.

retirement planning


Foundation of any financial well being is risk management.

Whether you are a bread winner or successful business owner you need to protect your income and those depending on it in case of the unexpected. Have you thought how much your “human capital” is worth should you become disabled and can no longer support your lifestyle and your loved ones? Protecting your income stream is very important while you are in your highest earning years.

Also at some point you would need to make a decision if you can be self-insured and can afford to pay for your long term care. 

What about your children starting to drive and you wonder if you have an adequate protection in case of a lawsuit related to an accident?


We evaluate all of these risks to make sure you are adequately protected and if we find deficiency we suggest solutions through non-captive and open architecture insurance solutions 

risk management

Guarantees are based on the claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company

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